May Newsletter: The Sanctuary Uganda

May Newsletter: The Sanctuary Uganda


The first weeks of May were the last days of holidays, so we took advantage of the time away from school to do some things we don’t find time to do during school! First off, some of our youth went to the village to visit family members! Emma was able to spend a weekend with his sister, Mary and Tom went with our staff Ronnie to visit siblings in Masese, and Robert took a journey to Kampala to visit his brother and sister. We encourage the youth in our home to maintain relationships with their remaining family members, even if the environment was either physically or emotionally fit for them to live in, it is important to preserve the relationships they have.


Secondly, we had some teachers from Holland, Flora and Jeske, come and work with the boys for a number of days. They boys loved their different teaching styles (much more hands on then any teaching styles used in Uganda). They taught them about insects, their 5 senses, buildings, and more! We loved having new faces around our home, and appreciate the time and energy they took in preparing each lesson.
We also had the privilege of having some local Ugandans skilled in break dancing come and teach our boys how to dance. The boys loved it and we all enjoyed watching them learn!
Finally, on the weekend before school started, we took everyone to their long awaited day at the pool. We spent hours swimming, diving and playing!
Now the holidays are officially over and all the boys and girls of The Sanctuary are back to school. Fortunately, most of the youth love school, so they are happy to be back into their normal daily routines. The junior boys have started evening preps after school to help them catch up on work they have missed over the years and the senior boys are busy every night with their teachers.
We have also hired a new staff member at The Sanctuary, to come and take part in the daily rhythms of the home, ie. making sure the boys wake up on time, go to school, do their home work, medical needs are met, etc.

It’s wonderful having an extra body to help with the overseeing of the home, and we are looking forward to seeing what new ideas he has to bring in the upcoming months.
Thanks to everyone who was able to help in our time of need by helping to cover the costs of this terms school fees. We are still short some of the money for anyone else who might be interested in helping, please email We are grateful for all of the love and support you have shown us over the years, helping us to change lives, one youth at a time.