March & April Newsletter: The Sanctuary

March & April Newsletter: The Sanctuary

The last months at The Sanctuary have been busy with Visiting Days (to check on those in boarding), the end of Term 1, exams and Holidays! Once again we have been blessed with many volunteers and familiar faces from home, which always makes for lots of fun and laughter.

One of the highlights of March was having the team from Creekside Church, Waterloo, come and spend some of their time with us while they were here volunteering in Uganda. We had the honor of spending a full Saturday with them: playing games, making bracelets, singing songs, sharing some of our local food and of course, playing football! They also came and lead an evening of worship and teaching with the boys, which was a huge encouragement to all of us. Most importantly everyone got the chance to get to know each other on a deeper level, and build relationships that help to connect us across the world. It was a blessing to have a team from home (Canada) come and invest in our boys (and girl!). We are so thankful for all the love they poured out on each youth.
Another highlight of the month was being taken on a boat tour with Grindstone Church volunteers from Hamilton. The boys loved going out on the lake, and getting the chance to see the “Source of The Nile”. It was fun making new friends from Canada, and spending an afternoon on the lake.
Unfortunately with so many wonderful volunteers coming into our home, that means there are also difficult goodbyes. Over the last couple of months we had the honor of welcoming volunteers Hollie, Madi and Kevin into our home to help with everything from revising, devotions, baking, playing football, and of course, building quality relationships with the boys. Each of them brought their own unique qualities and gifting into The Sanctuary, and we loved spending so much time with all of you. Thank you for your love and patience and continued support of all of the boys. Know that you are missed.
Once again it is holiday time for the boys (and girls) of The Sanctuary. (Reminder: The school year runs February to December, with 3 terms and a 1 month holiday after Term 1 and 2, and a 2 month holiday after term 3.) This means The Sanctuary changes from having 10 boys living in the home, to 18 boys and 2 girls, as well as added staff.

While it is definitely a much busier time of year, it’s always fun to have everyone home and spend some time catching up. For holidays this year we are focusing on education. For the youth in Secondary, they have a teacher coming for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening to help them catch up on work they have missed or not understood. For the youth in Primary we have hired a counselor/teacher named Jerome to come and assist in our holiday program.

Each week is filled with lessons, activities, crafts, games, cleaning, washing, volunteering, baking and more! Right now there is only 1 more week of holidays, and then everyone is back to school. For anyone interested in finding out more about helping to support our youth with their school fees please contact: Your support would be appreciated.
Finally, The Sanctuary has started a brand new initiative to try to be more sustainable. We’ve begun a brick press business pilot program to try and raise some extra money for the day-to-day needs of The Sanctuary.

Brick pressing is an environmentally friendly method for creating bricks, by mixing sand, clay and concrete together in a powder and compressing it in a machine. We hire boys previously involved with The Sanctuary and sell the bricks to local architects. All profits raised from this initiative go back towards operational costs at The Sanctuary. Currently, we’re still in the initial stages of the project launch.

If you would like to be a part of a more sustainable Sanctuary, please email