July Newsletter: The Sanctuary

July Newsletter: The Sanctuary

Holiday time again! Most of the boys (and girls) are finishing or have finished their end of term 2 exams and are headed home again for the holiday. As well as many of you know, Melissa is back in Canada and enjoying spending time with Family, Friends and Working!

Many people have been asking who is running the Sanctuary while Melissa is in Uganda, so we would love to introduce you to our awesome Sanctuary Staff.

Our Cook: Joyce

One of the most important people at The Sanctuary is our lovely, warm and compassionate cook, Joyce.

As many of you know, since The Sanctuary began, we have always had the boys prepare their own meals, as we know it is an important part of preparing them for their futures. But now that we have hired a tutor to work with the Senior boys in the evenings from 7:30-9:30, and now that the Junior boys go for evening classes 3 days a week, it made more sense for us to have someone come to our home and assist us with preparing meals.

Having a woman around the house in the evenings has been a lovely addition to the home, and you can always find 1 or 2 boys sitting outside chatting with Joyce about their days, struggles, and more. She has become like an auntie to our boys and we are so happy to have her as part of our team.

Our House Manager (aka ‘Uncle’)/Counsellor: Jerom

Jerom is our most recent staff member to be hired at The Sanctuary. His responsibilities include making sure the boys wake up in the morning on time, do their chores and leave for school on time, running evening devotions, holding meetings with the boys, organizing family visiting plans, checking on the boys at school, and making sure things are generally running well at The Sanctuary.

Jerom has much experience in working with vulnerable youth, and has spent the last 6 months getting to know the boys better and helping The Sanctuary run more smoothly. He loves watching football (which works well with all of our senior boys who are obsessed with football), and has relocated himself to live within a few minutes’ walk for our home. We are looking forward to seeing how he helps to run the home in Melissa’s absence.

Our Operations Manager (and all around ‘go to guy’): Ronnie!

Many of you already know (and love) our longest standing employee - and former youth of The Sanctuary – Ronnie!

Ronnie literally does a little bit of everything and, without his presence, The Sanctuary would not be the same.

From shopping, to taking care of medical situations, to checking on youth in boarding, to paying bills and organizing budgets, to fixing broken windows and doors, to hanging out with the boys, he does it all!

Ronnie is also studying part-time for IT/Computer Training, as well as running his own business in Bukaya selling DVDs. We are so thankful to have him in our home, and for being part of our Sanctuary family.

More of the Ugandan Team

Of course those are just the day to day staff, and we have a large number of local Ugandans who help to make sure The Sanctuary runs as smoothly as possible each day of the year!

We have been blessed by so many people who love our youth and want the best for their futures. We continue to pray for God to provide us with the right staff to allow The Sanctuary to run at its fullest potential.

The Canadian Team

Not only do we have an awesome team of Ugandans running The Sanctuary, but we also have a team of people in Canada who help with fundraising, marketing, decision making, etc.

Our goal is to enable and equip our Ugandan Team to run The Sanctuary with our support as we aim to work alongside them and offer advice/suggestions, following their lead. It is important for us to have Lead Ugandan Staff raising our youth, and making some of the big decisions as only a Ugandan can. We thank God for the staff He has lead to us, and we look forward to seeing how things are going to progress in the future.

Upcoming Events

A HUGE thank-you to everyone who came out to our Boston Pizza Fundraiser in July!!

Don’t forget about our upcoming Dinner/Golf Tournament on Sept 14th and well as our Ride for Refuge Fundraiser in October!

Check out our Facebook page for more information or contact Janelle@ugandastreetkids.org