Jinja Connection

Aiding, rehabilitating, and educating children 
on the streets of Uganda.

Every morning children walk through the gates of the Jinja Connection project eager to receive a warm breakfast, a shower, wash their clothes and experience the love and attention that they receive from the staff.

Following their breakfast, the children begin their lessons and counseling directed by Ugandan staff.

After their studies, they are fed a hot lunch and their day is wrapped up with high-energy group activities such as physical education or arts and crafts.

As Jinja Connection welcomes and serves these children, they also meet regularly, one-on-one, to assess their current and home situation. With the help of their staff, they are able to trace and visit their homes. It is their goal the return the children to their home, where appropriate, or rehabilitate them into a home. Working alongside the willing family, Jinja Connection provides school fees, supports the family where necessary and ensures that both family and child are happy and safe together. If they are unable to resettle them home, they then look to partner with organizations to provide long-term stability.

Our desire is to empower these children while giving them education and allowing them to be positive contributing members of their community.


To educate and empower the children living on the streets of Uganda so they to learn without discrimination.

Core Values:

• Unconditional love
• Respect
• Honesty


Our vision is for every child attending our program to get off the streets and back home with family where they can then receive a proper education and become a positive contributing member of their community.


• Rehabilitation of both the children and their families
• Reintegration of children with their families in their home villages
• Providing access to quality formal education for all children including those who are disadvantaged.
• Equipping the children with the social, life and personal growth skills necessary for them to have the confidence to reach their full potential.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

What are we?

Jinja Connection is an educational based program for children living on the streets and other vulnerable children in Jinja Uganda.

We are committed to providing quality education, medical care, personal growth, life and decision making skills, as well showing each child one on one attention and love.

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